Games at work?

Applying game elements and game techniques– such as challenges, points/badges/rewards, avatars and leaderboards– to business situations holds a great deal of promise for increasing morale and focus.  Games imply having some fun, not a bad thing, and they imply competition, usually a good thing.  Games can have serious intent and results.

At the Research Center, we’re just beginning to explore the natural synergies between gamification and Metaphor Mapping.  The novel, visual symbolic aspects of building Maps with sticker symbols fit naturally with games. Also, Mapping is often used as part of large corporate change programs where Mapping sessions cascade from corporate offices to the field.  Challenging operating divisions or global regions to be the first to engage all of their units in an organization streamlining, supply chain improvement, culture change or other seems a natural extension.

We’ll write up results from first pilots and keep you informed of what we learn in the months ahead.  Let us know if you’d like to run a pilot of your own and we’ll be glad to support you.

Gamifiying your change program can start at your first Metaphor Mapping workshop

Here’s what it takes:  At the outset of the Village Mapping visioning session, introduce the four competitive aspects of the game by describing these four symbols.  After small groups have built maps and reviewed, the full group decides which group contributed the most in each category and makes the award.  Each individual who contributed receives the related sticker and a gift decided by the organizer.

Gamify your workshop with these gamification symbols