A versatile tool to add to your kit



Because you face  a varied set of challenges, you probably already have quite a full bag of tools.

What’s different about a Catalyze Collaboration! workshop using Metaphor Mapping ?

Why should you add it?

First:  It’s a visual big picture experience for users.  Its neutralizing symbols help bring together differing views.

Metaphor Mapping is a faster way to address issues where you might have applied appreciative inquiry.  It can be used as a mini-version of future search.  It’s right at home in process analysis and organization design.  It can facilitate nearly any need for fresh vision and strategy.  It provides a language to surface and address behavior and attitude issues.   It lets you create a serious-fun session to collaboratively design change and dramatically reduce resistance.  ..and, it gives you the chance to reduce your use of post-it notes!

You can be confident that Metaphor Mapping will bring:

                      • Open and authentic discussion
                      • New ideas, jointly owned
                      • Visceral understanding of responsibilities

If your clients are also tired of post-it notes.  

If you’ve been looking for something different.  New, yet proven.  

Metaphor Mapping might be it.

We’d be glad to discuss your objectives and see if there’s a fit.