Metaphor Mapping aims at improving group effectiveness– but, it has many uses for individuals.

Metaphor Mapping for Counselors and Teachers

The following are examples of areas where the Metaphor Mapping symbols can be useful for counselors and teachers, where often a small group or individual is to be helped with a problem or opportunity.

Life Planning

Life planning with symbolsYou’re the star of your own movie. Reflect on how it has played out in the past, what your ideal life structure would be, the type of relationships you want and….. what obstacles you have to overcome to get there. Metaphors make you think differently and give you new perspective.

Family Discussions


The visual and playful nature of Metaphor Languages make them a good lubricant for discussion. Because they encourage a big picture view, they encourage understanding of various points of view. Because the images are built into maps on paper or PC, a neutral surface, they ease entry into weighty matters.


You can use it to:

  1. Discuss the family’s environment and the effect others have on it
  2. Discuss how things work at home and areas where help is needed.
  3. Teach thinking skills, concepts and how many things are connected together


Relationhips strengthen with better communicationIs it tough dealing with your friends and other relationships? Try using The Zoo. You can use it by yourself to clarify how you feel or, you can use it with your friends to gain and share perspectives. You’ll be amazed how animal images get you thinking and feeling more clearly. You can add your own symbols too!

Class warmup

Improve class participation with Metaphor MappingIf class participation is slow, try getting students on their feet in small groups, interacting on a relevant issue and defending their ideas.
Fill your class with energy at start of a term by engaging students in understanding how the class fits with the overall course of study or with their lives. It builds social and inter-personal skills and makes the experience fun for all.