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…On your feet! It’s time for you to sort out how this will work in your area!

The Catalyze Collaboration! training course is just one way to take advantage of visual, symbolic language.

As a trainer, you know well the importance of engaging people, creating a lively atmosphere yet staying strictly on topic.  You are probably always on the lookout for something new– yet something you can be sure will work.  …Enter- Metaphor Mapping.

This toolset offers the trainer or seminar leader the kind of dynamic, participative tools they need for exciting and pertinent break-out sessions. It is particularly effective when asking participants to demonstrate their comprehension of the big picture, environment or context of the subject matter they are learning.  They gain perspective by talking it out with other participants and visually showing how their new skills aid the organization and its customers.

Because metaphor languages stimulate lateral thinking, they have also been successfully used as vehicles for teaching creative thinking and innovation.  If you’re interested, contact us to discuss courses previously developed.

Metaphor Mapping modules can be separated and applied in shorter or longer sessions.  Please contact us to talk over how it might complement your portfolio of training tools.