Vision and Strategy are Steps Forward,


Execution Wins Races

When a team walks out at the end of a Metaphor Mapping workshop, they’re ready to execute.  They know where the want to go, they have a plan, they’ve “got it” emotionally as well as logically.  The commitments they made to each other are captured in maps they’ve all agreed.  No ambiguity.  If you agreed to be designated the “ace” for an activity, you own making it happen.  If you were designated the “queen” or “king” of that same activity, you are a decision partner and committed to make it happen.

Facecards grid example 8-7-14

Bringing your team together in a “big tent” Big tent - with peopleensures the best ideas, practical critiques, and ownership for results.  

It works.  Give it a try.

Elevator pitch 3


Elevator pitch 4