A Tool for Culture Change

The Zoo helps groups collaboratively address culture,  mindsets and attitudes.  Stickers of animal caricatures placed on a wall allow discussion of behaviors in a way that contains the stress of confronting emotional issues.

What the Zoo Does

  • Makes attitudes visible and allows low risk discussion of sensitive issues
  • Builds emotional  as well as logical understanding of roles within a community, boosting overal energy and efficiency
  • Establishes group identity
  • Provides a means of reshaping aspects of organization culture

When to Use The Zoo

  • Starting a new team or improving teamwork – – To set role and behavior expectations
  • Resolving problems – Overcome negative attitudes between groups
  • Promoting a change of culture – Frank discussion leads to openness to change
  • Individual – To help consider and understand your own environment and expectations
  • Counselor – To promote discussion and understanding of different perspectives

See a short video of building a Zoo Map

Example of a Zoo Metaphor Map

Zoo Mapping Kits are available for trained facilitators.

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