The Center offers research studies in two areas


1. Identify and analyze the metaphors driving an organization’s culture and communications today

  1. What are the overtly employed or implied metaphors at the root of the organization’s culture?
  2. How, when and where are visible and verbal symbols used?
  3. What is the resulting impact on performance of groups and the entire organization?
  4. Identification of alternative metaphors for enhanced effectiveness
  5. Change management plan

Note:  This type of research study may be a useful addition to an ethnographic study.   Metaphor Mapping workshops themselves may also be tailored to be a central part of an extremely fast-track ethnographic study.

2. Custom-design and build a metaphoric languages

Research, develop, test and deliver a metaphor concept and related symbols to meet client communication, cultural and performance objectives.

 We would be pleased to discuss your objectives

and how metaphor languages may help meet them

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