The Metaphors for Alignment Series

This series shows leaders how to use metaphors and symbols to optimally manage change in their organizations– How to simplify, collaborate and motivate.

It’s in three parts:

Simplify - Making Problems Mind-Sized with Metaphors.  This 10-minute book introduces the concept of building metaphoric maps to solve problems and set strategy and provides examples of  their use for international project coordination and changing culture in a manufacturing group.

Leading from the Middle  Collaboration through Metaphors.  Its theme is how non-managers can lead in setting strategy collaboratively, without power, across organizations.   It shows an example of creating a “contract” for for IT, system users and a steering committee.

Alphas Don’t Bark - Metaphors to Lead Enterprise Change.  It speaks to senior executives and shows how they can leverage metaphors for enterprise-wide change.  It gives examples of  broad scale culture change by engaging direct subordinates in cascading workshops– followed by departmental workshops.

The three sections of the Metaphors for Alignment series are also combined with a short introduction.


Re-Inventing Communication

This seminal, 192 page book on using metaphors for collaborative strategy setting was published by ASQC Quality Press in 1994.  Its principles guide you through tough communication issues to joint agreement on just what is wrong, how things will work when objectives are met and how to get there.


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